Why they call it a firedrill

"Drop everything and help solve this problem!" At work, when a situation calls for this request, we call it a "fire drill".  I feel like the association of stopping everything to leave the building and avoid a hypothetical death by flame make sense.  The term evokes a sense of panic.  But what I don't understand … Continue reading Why they call it a firedrill

The rules of suburban banter

In the few years I have spent engaging in casual banter with the suburban middle class parents of my wife's voice and piano students, I have learned a few things about appropriate casual conversation topics. I welcome loving additions, but here is a starter-list of appropriate chat topics when engaging with this regional tribe: Gas … Continue reading The rules of suburban banter

Being a good sport is very VERY Canadian

I am not a huge sports fan.  Nor am I a hockey fan.  I but I did some work recently that made me appreciate the value of both from an anthropological perspective. I figured I should get serious every now and again.  Here's my first pass. When thinking about how people watch sports, context is … Continue reading Being a good sport is very VERY Canadian

Signifiers of Middle Class Summer

It is official.  The day we memorialize our veterans:  a seemingly somber "celebration", is also in paradox with the generalized glee we associate with summer beginning. And you don't have to be a kid to appreciate the glee.  I still get giddy on days like today, when everyone opens up their pool for the summer … Continue reading Signifiers of Middle Class Summer

Lesbians in the Midst…

I figured what better way to start getting a readership base than to write about Lesbians. People LOVE to read about lesbians! That and I have found some of my own lived experiences to be particularly anthropologically fascinating in nature. Yes, it's true. I have a wife and I am a female. That makes me … Continue reading Lesbians in the Midst…

Comic Book Movie Promotions Going Girly?

I would love to see the market research and / or have been in the Ideation session that cast the web for this cross-promotion. My question: what does it all mean? I suppose it supports the idea that Girls can be nerds too! We have seen a generation of girls finally empowered to embrace their … Continue reading Comic Book Movie Promotions Going Girly?