The Experiment

And for my next experiment, i will start a blog!

I was recently told by a ten year old who was told by his Dad that Facebook is for Narcissists.


But I think blogs take it one step further. They provide a psuedo-legit outlet for properly curated narcissisim for those who (think they) have a right to a point of view.

I am one of said “those”.

I am an Anthropologist of sorts. A professional one, actually…and applying my academic training to REAL LIVE WORK in the private sector. The nature of both my job and my personal interests have me studying life as we know it today and making understanding said life as we know but accessible and actionable. To be brief.

I have recently been inspired to find an experimental creative outlet and see what happens. I think it will have one definite benefit of sparing my Facebook friends some of my dorky anthropological observations. Not ALL of them, mind you…but some.

Starting…err…tomorrow (I was told that my wife is hungry and we need to go out to eat….NOW), I will post a blog a day for a year (very “Julie and Julia”…I know) about something i think is interesting.

But I will set one important parameter: it must be an elaboration of some sort on an observation I had that day….an observation about culture or human behavior…the context and the details of our everyday life that define our surroundings and how we relate understand and relate to the world.

And I will try to not use too many big words. 😉 I was told yesterday before a PR interview for work : You are sometimes too smart for your own good”.

Screw it. I’ll use as many big words as I want.

If you’re reading this blog then you are probably nerdy enough to handle it.


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