Comic Book Movie Promotions Going Girly?


I would love to see the market research and / or have been in the Ideation session that cast the web for this cross-promotion.

My question: what does it all mean? I suppose it supports the idea that Girls can be nerds too! We have seen a generation of girls finally empowered to embrace their inner (and apparently outer) geek!

I know I met my gorgeous wife at DragonCon: an annual weekend festival in the Southeast for close encounters of the Nerd kind.

But then again, I also saw a similar display in the same beauty superstore (which I get dragged to frequently) for the movie Dark Shadows…hocking eye shadow instead of nail polish, however.

So, maybe the combination is saying more about creating escapist experiences through “glamour”?

Or perhaps the geeky girls have just finally started growing up, found their niche and are using their influence to make pop culture just a little more colorful.

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