The Best Seat In The House

If you are a practicing anthropologist, or just play one on TV, then you already know where the best seat in the house is at any restaurant or's at the counter, bar or near the kitchen (if it's an open format). It is the one space in the place of business where you can … Continue reading The Best Seat In The House

The Art of Low Maintenance

In urban areas, the social experience is drought with pretense: the necessary art of curating culture and connoisseurship. Fancy cocktail bars with mixologists instead of bartenders are the sought after drinking experience for a night out. The cultural desire to explore the world and enrich ourselves amongst the daily grind. These are experiences I love. … Continue reading The Art of Low Maintenance

No Dogs Allowed

Here is what I have figured out about places were they don't allow dogs...namely non-dog friendly beaches: it's not the dogs they are making a judgement call on, it's the people. It seems that when you get a beach destination that is drivable for a day-trip from certain blue-collar and lower middle class locales, you … Continue reading No Dogs Allowed

The Beach Merch Graveyard For Unfortunate Fads

For those pop culture enthusiasts out there, if you've ever thought "where can I get a good retrospective on the worst of the worst fads that were so bad I might have forgotten them", then rack your brain no more. Rather, slip on your flip flops and Ron Jon t shirt and head to the … Continue reading The Beach Merch Graveyard For Unfortunate Fads

There’s no situation a Ukelele can’t make better

Being stuck in Tallahassee because there is a tropical storm on the gulf coast where you are headed on vacation COUlD suck pretty bad. But we armed ourselves with a Ukelele. So we are A Okay. What is it about a Ukelele that makes everything all better? Does the fact that it is. It a … Continue reading There’s no situation a Ukelele can’t make better

Is creativity the new mid-life crisis?

With quest rapidly approaching their mid thirties and having grown up in a hyper-scheduled race-to-achievement culture, only to enter the workforce at a time of recession and just in time to see their parent's lifetimes of investments collapse like a box of rocks, I have 2 predictions: 1. They will suffer early-onset mid-life crises 2. … Continue reading Is creativity the new mid-life crisis?

Why We Don’t Say “Thank God It’s Tuesday”

TGIF: Thank God It's Friday! In an era where the standard work-week is 40 hours, 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday (in theory), we all send out a solid hail to Friday when it's time for the weekend. But who was the genius that decided the 5 day grind was the American ideal? As … Continue reading Why We Don’t Say “Thank God It’s Tuesday”

Giving Anthropologists The Finger

I posed a couple of questions in Anthropology discussion boards on a popular business networking site.  Namely, I was asking the groups of academic and professional anthropologists if perhaps we take ourselves a bit too seriously in our profession. The resounding answer (and implications from lack of answers) is YES.   In the spirit of … Continue reading Giving Anthropologists The Finger