Access to sex in middle class America

In a more tribal environment where existence is a bit more precarious and a potential mate’s worth might be rooted ability to hunt and protect, or the nature of their physique implying rugged offspring, access to females for sex is typically based on these factors.

If we were lords and kings vying for land rights and ruling power, one’s lineage might bestow certain conjugal rights upon promise of marriage and the unification of two ruling or wealthy families.

In modern day, middle class America, we don’t live in violent, subsistence-bases cultures where one gender has access to resources and physical traits the other necessarily needs. In particular, women need not rely on males of the species for their survival. They can make money and purchase security systems and small firearms. Indeed, they’d not necessarily even need men physically nearby to reproduce…thanks to cryogenic technology.

Therefore, access to sex is mor so than ever nearly completely at a woman’s discretion and rather than financial resources and physical prowess being deciding factors, women have realized their power to use sex as an affirmation tool for good behavior.
Here are some examples of behaviors that might be more directly related to “getting lucky”:

-washing the dishes without being asked
-getting your eyebrows groomed
– being really sweet to the dog
– dealing with the repair guy and knowing what he’s talking about
– a random bouquet of flowers (no special occasion)
-purchasing a gift after seeing the same item on her Pinterest board
-it being your idea to have her parents over for dinner
– being super-engaged in conversation with her dad
-talking about your feelings

As per usual, I welcome loving additions.

One word of advice, however. I fear I may be living proof that despite exhibiting any and even all of above said behaviors, getting caught blogging when you are supposed to be helping to wash the dishes can result in immediate revocation of access to sex.

A dry dishtowel awaits…

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