Making Shit Work By Making Shit Up

What do we do when we are frustrated with culture?  When we feel like the system is working against us and not for us?  Old-timers may have said to like it or lump it…sit down and shut up and do what you’re told.  Boomers and Gen Xers will likely tell you that you change the system from within the system.  John Mayer might tell you that we’re “waiting for the world to change”.

But younger generations (Gen Y / Millennials and Gen “Z” have a different angle.  They’ll go ahead and make shit up…find a new way and make it happen.  Why?  Because they can!  Have you seen what you can do with modern technology these days!  Magic!

We have left the industrial age in the dust and the Knowledge economy is on it’s way out.  Enter the Conceptual Age (shout-out to  Daniel Pink,  ).  

New concepts,  viable or ridiculous, are the “new black”


Case in Point:  Finding venture capital

Case In Point:  Starving Artists

Case In Point:  Campaign finance is fu$%ed

I could also talk about Facebook, but…well, you get it already.

I could also point to the smartphone / iPad,  Apple…but the yawning would start

I would love to see some other examples of new concepts started by young-folk who know what’s up that are going to change the world as we know it…or at least make it more tolerable….




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