Putting your food where your mouth is: social food movements

When looking at the developed world and our own American reality, it’s safe to say that our social problems, while still prevalent and a focus of our day-to-day politics, pale in comparison to the third world and other not-so-democratic countries.

But one thing we know for sure is that issues relate to food production and consumption are having / have had a considerable detrimental impact on our health.

The trend in social food movements is an overall movement toward more organic
foods, and locally produced goods. The idea of “organic” is primarily the cause
(or end result) of social food movements that have emerged from a desire to get
Back to the basics of food consumption for the betterment of health as well as society
Here are sine notes on social food movements that have been making their way into mainstream culture:

Slow Food
-alternative to fast food
-encourages farming of seeds, plants, and livestock in local businesses
-slow food chefs prefer organic foods

Farm Co-ops
-local high quality and organic food
-“real food”– meets the regulations of “organic”food (without many chemicals)
-identifies with “actual”farmers

Home Gardening Trend
-fresh fruits and vegetables
-part of a healthy lifestyle choice -associated with “organic”
-knowing what goes into the food – or what DOESN’T

Locavore (local foods)
-buying local organic – “homegrown” – foods (to support economy or because of the perceived health benefits?)
-some overlap with the home gardening trend in the sense of knowing what goes into the food
farmers’ markets

charities of note:


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