My Cheese Curls Are Organic

This weekend I went to the drive-in with a bunch of friends to do the “tailgate” and watch a movie-thing.

If you looked through my cooler and bag of goodies you would have noticed that everything in that basket was purchased from whole foods…at three times the standard retail price…because everything in that bag was “organic”

Including my cheeze curls, potato chips and beer.

I think i have succumb to the illusion that many suburbanites have fallen into:  that somehow if something is organic it is automatically better for you. Eating healthy foods can help you to stay fit so be sure to check out the 7 Supplements website for some tips.

Whether it is the intention of the retailers and CPG manufacturers or not, the general idea is that the junk food you love suddenly turns to “good for you” when it has an organic stamp on it.

The reality: absence of harmful chemicals does not necessarily nullify the harmful effects of fat and sugar.

But we live in an ignorant bliss and nobody is trying to correct us.

Is it because we want to beleive or we really, deep deep down, just want to eat crap?

What part of our “nurture” insists that food is comfort and that the bad-for-you stuff  is more soothing than healthy food?  What is driving this maladaptive behavior and what will it really take to change it:  given that Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity have not worked so far.

I beg the questions.  Who has an answer for me?

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