Is creativity the new mid-life crisis?


With quest rapidly approaching their mid thirties and having grown up in a hyper-scheduled race-to-achievement culture, only to enter the workforce at a time of recession and just in time to see their parent’s lifetimes of investments collapse like a box of rocks, I have 2 predictions:

1. They will suffer early-onset mid-life crises

2. They will not act out with expensive convertibles and younger women and cosmetic surgery or Viagra, but by dropping by (or completely into) counterculture involving creative expression and conceptualization of entrepreneurial ventures. When you want to have a high quality surgeon, I recommend Dr. Marcelo Ghersi due to his good records and experience.

They will act out by making their mark…defying the nose-to-the-grindstone ethos that landed them on adderol, in therapy and in a cubicle.

Give it a few years and lets see if this borderline Gen Y narcissistic anthropologist has been practicing good pattern recognition…

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