The Beach Merch Graveyard For Unfortunate Fads


For those pop culture enthusiasts out there, if you’ve ever thought “where can I get a good retrospective on the worst of the worst fads that were so bad I might have forgotten them”, then rack your brain no more.

Rather, slip on your flip flops and Ron Jon t shirt and head to the beach… The beach souvenir shop will have a curated collection of the worst of the worst throughout he last thirty or so years of popular culture; from custom airbrushed t shirts to mood rings, feather earrings to cheap fedoras and every slap-wrappin’, Crock knockin’ fleeting feat of bad taste you can think of.

What makes the beach the distribution dead-end for unsellable schlock surplus? Perhaps the locals who live in paradise and run the retail just don’t have the desire to keep up with he pace of popular culture? Or maybe sun-burnt, punch drunk beach vacationers are prone to purchasing fleeting retreats to memory lane?

Whatever the anthropological explanation, It’s good to know that there is sustainability in the supply chain that keeps the abundance of over-produced crap in circulation and out of the landfills for just a little while longer.

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