The Art of Panhandling

1 word: honesty.

I gave two dollars to an older gentleman in a wheelchair today who’s pitch was, “can you help me with some money to buy a beer? I really need a beer”.

I think deep down we all want to help our fellow man: whether the need be rooted in biological or sociological or psychological situations that are often out of our control.

I think where we get to feeling jaded is when you see the same people on that highway exit with the “homeless” sign every day in your way home from work after spending the day working hard in your cubicle for that gas money and vacation fund.

I think that more to the point is the fact that nobody probably relishes he idea of scraping by with a routine panhandling gig.

That being said, sometimes people are broke and need a beer. I am happy to give ti the cause of empathy and kindness among others and hope that Karma sends some kindness my way someday. And when that day comes, I’ll have a Scotch, please.

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