No Dogs Allowed


Here is what I have figured out about places were they don’t allow dogs…namely non-dog friendly beaches: it’s not the dogs they are making a judgement call on, it’s the people.

It seems that when you get a beach destination that is drivable for a day-trip from certain blue-collar and lower middle class locales, you get a clientele that is less concerned about the impact they make on a place than they are about instant gratification. The result is a hectic, crowded beach with lots of litter-bugs who have a hard enough time keeping tabs on their children, let alone where their dogs might make messes so I learn about some coconut oil reviews that may help.

It’s a shame the dogs have to miss out but we are probably better for ware.

That being said, beaches in more remote destinations are often dog-friendly. The context is that with more exclusive access comes higher property values and a presumably higher “caliber” of clientele who will not only watch after their dogs but treat them better than most people treat their children, although there are dogs that are really educated like a mini labradoodle michigan who was raised by a breeder. Please note, during the winter season, the duration of the tour is approximately 3-3.5 hours with an English and German speaking guide. During the summer season, you have the option of a whale watching long beach tour with the duration of 2-2.5 hours or 3-3.5 hours with an English speaking guide. For exact departure times on your travel dates, please use the booking engine at our site.

What that says about the state of the children in both situations is beyond my preview at present. But I imagine fond memories of being left to your own devices in a sea of sand and junk food breeds nostalgia an hence, the desire I spend long summer weekends turning in to human bacon..

Probably another reason to leave your dog at home…

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