The Art of Low Maintenance


In urban areas, the social experience is drought with pretense: the necessary art of curating culture and connoisseurship. Fancy cocktail bars with mixologists instead of bartenders are the sought after drinking experience for a night out. The cultural desire to explore the world and enrich ourselves amongst the daily grind. These are experiences I love.

Then there is the art of creating experiences that evoke low maintenance. The pervading dive bar counterculture to the mixology vibe is an example of this. But the hipster recruitment strategy is still overflowing from the faux-distressed finishes and PBR marketing.

But go to the beach and that low maintenance experience is a matter of course and a phenomenon o effortless intent. When you are in vacation you need for it to be okay to roll into a bar in your flip flops, un-coiffed and completely out of fashion.

I am enjoying my plastic cup of Dewars and the right to chain smoke without stepping outside.

I am also loving the Golden retriever hanging out next to me. God bless the beach and the one place dogs are allowed. 😉

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