The Best Seat In The House


If you are a practicing anthropologist, or just play one on TV, then you already know where the best seat in the house is at any restaurant or diner…it’s at the counter, bar or near the kitchen (if it’s an open format).

It is the one space in the place of business where you can truly see its soul…the art and science of how food and drinks are prepared. It’s the epicenter of a restaurant’s passion as well as where the clockworks spin. And if you are close enough to the action you may end up meeting a new friend, having a random conversation, learning something new or getting chance to test out a new recipe / cocktail.

After all, food is at the heart of any culture and the kitchen is typically the hearth of any home and where memories are created and shared. It is the subsistence we build our world around….for our bodies as well as our hearts and minds.

If you want to elevate your dining experience to a more well rounded human experience, have a seat on a stool or near the heat of the kitchen.

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