The Life of Dead Things

As a practicing consumer anthropologist I see a lot of strange things in people's homes.  Perhaps one the more disturbing artifacts found doing fieldwork include stuffed and / or mounted dead animals. The animal's welfare is our prime concern, both when they are in our care and when they are in yours. Therefore we insist … Continue reading The Life of Dead Things

Thank My Lucky Stars, It’s My Birthday!

Any good narcissist knows that their birthday is the most self-serving day of the year. You give everyone an excuse to eat and drink in your honor. You get birthday cake at the office. Sometimes you get presents. Your Facebook page gets flooded with birthday wishes: proving your popularity and general relevance as a human … Continue reading Thank My Lucky Stars, It’s My Birthday!

Office Acculturation 103: Workplace Rituals

Language and attire are critical signifiers of office culture, as discussed in previous "chapters". However, in order to become fully socialized into the unique subculture of any corporate setting, it is important to integrate into the regular rituals of the social group. There are several rituals unique to the office environment that take place in … Continue reading Office Acculturation 103: Workplace Rituals

Celebrating American Dads: Because They Can’t All Be Morons

Father's day is a nice invented holiday, no matter where you live. We get to say thanks to Pops for his part in bringing us into this world and bringing us up, for better or worse!. 🙂 It was sweet to be out and about "brunching" today and see all the young families in their … Continue reading Celebrating American Dads: Because They Can’t All Be Morons

Who is Dolly Madison?

Hint...its' not the snack cake. Remember the story from the war of 1812 where Canadians burnt down the White House and Dolly Madison (James Madison's first last) came running out of the flaming building with a painting of George Washington under her arm? Well, of you are an American then the definitive answer is "no". … Continue reading Who is Dolly Madison?

Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform

In yesterday's post I gave an introduction to the importance of leveraging several types of cloud computing in order to effectively grow your business and brand. Today I would like to give some pointers on how to dress to blend in with appearance in order to pass as a proper professional. Clothing and appearance are … Continue reading Office Acculturation 102: The Uniform

Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

As an anthropologist working in a corporate setting and dealing with the different operating cultures of my diverse roster of client teams,  its fun to practice the ethnographic art and science of participant observation in studying "professional" culture.  It's useful in helping to understand how to work effectively within my surroundings, but it's also fun … Continue reading Office Acculturation 101: Talking The Talk

My Cheese Curls Are Organic

This weekend I went to the drive-in with a bunch of friends to do the "tailgate" and watch a movie-thing. If you looked through my cooler and bag of goodies you would have noticed that everything in that basket was purchased from whole three times the standard retail price...because everything in that bag was … Continue reading My Cheese Curls Are Organic