Are you a member of the “Creative Class”?

According to Richard Florida, a sociologist and author of The Rise Of The Creative Class, ” The big story unfolding right now – one that has been unfolding for some time – is the rise of the Creative class, the great emerging class of our time”.

Global culture has seen significant shifts as evidenced by macroforces and the dawn of a new conceptual age that is revolutionizing the nature of and paths to prosperity. The rapid growth and economic impact of the “Creative Class” is demonstrative evidence of this momentum and the face of the emerging mainstream consumer.

To succeed in our changing world, people are rapidly adopting skills and lifestyles rooted in creativity, fluidity and transcendence of boundaries governed by right or left brained thinking. Creators, imaginers and “doers” will use their skills to collaborate and innovate as global citizens in an interconnected world economy.

The creative class that has been tracked and measured, is made up of workers in …

  • Technology and science
  • Business and management
  • Healthcare and education
  • Arts, culture and entertainment

And creative people  applying their natural skills to embrace paradoxes between the left and right brain toward creation of new concepts, as detailed by Daniel Pink in his book A Whole New Mind:

•Not just FUNCTION, but also DESIGN
E.g. products must not just work, but also be beautiful / aesthetic
•Not just ARGUMENT, but also STORY
E.g. Compelling narrative to complement information
•Not just FOCUS, but also SYMPHONY
E.g. big picture synthesis of diverse data and inspiration…not just analysis
•Not just LOGIC, but also EMPATHY
E.g. Understanding what makes others “tick” and forging relationships
•Not just SERIOUS, but also PLAY
E.g. Integrating “fun” and “humor” into work and life
•Not just ACCUMULATION, but also MEANING
E.g. supplementing materialism with purpose, transcendence and spiritual fulfillment
Are you a member of the creative class?  Do you have what it takes to succeed in the new economy?
If you are reading this blog the answer is probably a resounding “yes”.  🙂  So rest assured you are on the right track and continuing creating our future, one blog at a time.  😉

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