“Adorkable” Is The New “Black”

Howard Wolowitz
Howard Wolowitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long gone are the days of the tall, dark and handsome, the hero athlete,  The uber-chic supermodel and blonde bombshell defining desire-ability.

There is a new “chic” in town, and it’s “geek chic”.

Given that one’s potential measure of success will be determined by how creative, conceptual and empathetic they are in our emerging conceptual economy, it looks like have some new standards in town.

The description of one that fits this bill is “Adorkable”.

Consulting urbandictionary.com (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=adorkable), this kind of person is defined as:

“one who is adorable or cute in a dorky (nerdy) kind of way”


“The best kind of guys! A guy that is a nerd, but in a very cute/adorable way that is very attractive. They are not afraid to be themselves and are usually very sweet, smart, and have the best sense of humor once you get to know them. Best of all, they know how to treat a girl well and appreciate her. Plus, they are really good to have around when the computer breaks :)”

I should say this is a gender-neutral description, however.

Here are a few pop-culture examples of “adorakble” in action, see:

Marie-Claire magazine’s top 10 Adorkable female celebs:


The Big Bang Theory


The New Dork


And this guy:  my friend Bill  😉


As per usual (although nobody seems to care, which is only turning my narcissism into self-loathing), please feel free to add to the list….

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