The Youth As We Know It

Changes in global cultural context over the past several years has caused shiftsn youth culture, driving a drive toward more balanced

connection to the world and approach to achievement.

Lest you think you are still one of the youth…check your priorities on the chart below:

From To
Success = winning by surpassing others, focusing on finance and status Success = winning with the support of others, focus on balanced lifestyle
Exclusivity / Cliques / separating from the crowd / separating from my upbringing Inclusivity / Affinity / seeking connections / maintaining and seeking cultural roots
Agitation and Nonconformity Informed Dialogue, integrity / staying true to self  with empathy for others
Focus on “my world” / smaller picture Focus on “the world” / “my world” in context of the bigger picture
Waiting for / taking advantage of  opportunities to get ahead Seeking out / creating opportunities to get ahead and help others get ahead

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