The Function of The Hangover As A Biological Ritual

You know something has become ritualized when they sell products specifically to deal with the phenomenon or your friend has a friend who’s aunt has a secret receipe.  Example:  hangover cures.

The physical depletion and near-hospitalization experience of dehydration and liver damage that occurs after a night of excessive “celebration”, also known as self-destruction (per yesterday’s blog), has in course become a physical ritual in our cultural space.

It is also has social significance:  he or she with the worst hangover is the one who had the best time last night.  It is also the person who now has an excuse not to be social the following day.

Hangovers also get progressively worse as one “matures”, due to years of abuse and neglect and the effects of old age.  They remind you that you really ought to not drink so much.

That is the lesson I have learned and will ponder for the rest of the morni…err…afternoon.

That is all.

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