Making Friends is Hard To Do

Do you miss being younger and more necessarily social and able to surround yourself by masses of potential freinds at any one time?

From the school yard to the classroom to the college campus or new job?

Have you realized that you are getting more picky as you get older?  Finding that you have fine-tuned your set of criteria for who you want to spend time with?

Perphaps you are in your thirties or forties realizing that the exercise is more about purging the friends that cause you more trouble than they are worth?

Perhaps you are married and seeking “couple friends” you can spend time with.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon.  As we age we tend to have more tightly defined criteria for the types of people we want to hang out with.  And the challenge gets even greater as we learn to balance work, our family  lives, our marraiges and finally our social groups.

In many cases we create a surrogate family of friends that help us get through in many ways that our actual families can’t or won’t.

This is a normal side-effect of adulthood…especially in our busy busy American culture.

The New York Times featured an article this past Sunday (er…yesterday) on this topic that I thought was worth sharing as I found myself nodding in regretful agreement:

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