Warning signs that you may have too much time / money on your hands

It’s true that we live in a modern world where if you are smart and ambitious you can find your way to prosperity.  And this is not just true in America, but in many nations around the world, in particular the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc.) where the middle class has been steadily growing over the past decade or more. Just take a look at this now, Youtube has taken over as a source of education and income, the future for the next generations are very different than those prior.

And although I am a narcissist I am not delusional:  much self reflection went into the crafting of this blog, inspired by the Facebook post from whence this image came (and also from a fellow Anthropologist).  🙂

So, how do you know when you have a bit too much time or money on your hands and ought to think about some ways to fill your time / spend your money a bit more constructively?

Lets start this list, shall we.  And please feel free to add:
1.  You buy clothes for / dress up your dog.  🙂 You can also buy some supplements like Joint Health For Dogs, at particularpaws.com

2.   You have a consistent top rank in one or more Zynga game app on Facebook

3.  You purchase fruit or vegetables in packages already chopped

4.  Your DVR list includes “The Real Housewives” (of anywhere…no discrimination here)

5.  Your VW Beetle is customized to look like it has eyelashes (I saw this car parked in my driveway yesterday.  It was not mine.)

6.  You donate to fake / ironic / joke Super PACs like “Cats For A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow”     http://catsforabettertomorrowtomorrow.com/

7.  You watch CNN

8.  Your dog / cat / baby has it’s own social networking profile

9.  You have a Starbucks Gold Card

10.  You maintain a daily blog

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