Office Acculturation 104: Diagnosing Your Manager’s Dysfunction

To revisit an earlier series on office acculturation I thought I would share some thoughts on how to manage your managers.  Chances are you will have at least one if not more bosses and you should really know what you are dealing with.
I have read up on management styles from many different sources.  My favorite and most useful perspective, however, comes from a decidedly acute and empathetic perspective.   The “anthropologist” who I most associate with, having come from an extended participant-observation period in a corporate setting, is Scott Adams:  the cartoonist and author who brings us Dilbert.

Below is a helpful infographic for identifying your boss and how to manage them:

It is important to know what you are dealing with, as about 50% of your job will be managing your manager so you can survive the work day and stand a chance of being productive.
Another helpful blog I found identifies 6 different management styles as well as how to manage them:

For the record:  these boss management types include:

  1. The Control Freak
  2. The Autocrat
  3. The Blame Fixer
  4. The Soft Heart
  5. The Politician
  6. The Team Builder

Bone up on your Boss background and go forth into your cubicle feeling empowered and superior…because you will need these emotions to find your way to your own dysfunctional management style….

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