The Breakup Consolation

Why is it that when your friends go through a breakup, ritual behavior states that you are to take them out, get them drunk and put them in situations that only make them wish they weren't single? You may start the evening off on the right foot with something like a nice civilized dinner at … Continue reading The Breakup Consolation

Demystifying Creativity

Several years ago I was hanging out at one of my regular bars...back when I had a "regular" bar.  There was a hipster bartender that worked there who had seen me come and go about a dozen times before she said to me: "What do you do?  Are you a drug dealer or something?"  I … Continue reading Demystifying Creativity

What Happened To The 13th Floor?

I was recently up at the "home office" in Toronto and accidentally boarded the "local" elevator.  As I crammed my way into the corner by the button panel, I watched as the dots started lighting up until 12 of the 18 floors had been selected. Lucky me. Then I noticed something I hadn't paid attention … Continue reading What Happened To The 13th Floor?

Beginning With The End In Mind: The Stephen Covey Legacy

Two days ago, one of the authors and thought leaders I hold in highest esteem passed: Stephen Covey. For those who don't know, he wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. For me, this was not just another book on my extensive reading list but a guiding philosophy and meditation that changed my … Continue reading Beginning With The End In Mind: The Stephen Covey Legacy

Hair Is Important

Hair: if you have it, you spend all kinds of time and money (if you are a girl or a guy who even remotely cares about his appearance) taking care of it: washing it, styling it, purchasing products for it. Celebrity hair can be a trademark: remember the Jennifer-Anniston inspired "Friends Haircut", or then there's … Continue reading Hair Is Important

Making Friends is Hard To Do

Do you miss being younger and more necessarily social and able to surround yourself by masses of potential freinds at any one time? From the school yard to the classroom to the college campus or new job? Have you realized that you are getting more picky as you get older?  Finding that you have fine-tuned … Continue reading Making Friends is Hard To Do

Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies

For those of us who still remember what a newspaper looks like:  remember Sunday mornings when the newspaper had the full color, several page comics section? I remember getting so excited to read the paper with my Dad.  He would read the "grown up" sections...mostly sports and headlines and the book review.  And I got … Continue reading Nostalgia For The Sunday Funnies

Drink Up! It’s All Fun and Games…Or Is It?

Last night at a 3oth birthday party for my friend Bill, I was in the company of some younger adults who had just reached anothr coming-of-age milestone:  21! The younger folks were the creative / designer / web developer types.  Which means that they are super-cool but don't know it and have limited capability for … Continue reading Drink Up! It’s All Fun and Games…Or Is It?

The Changing Culture of Adulthood: Why 30 is the new 25. :)

If you are about to turn can technically still enjoy your 20s! And if you are approaching your "over the hill" 40th birthday, don't retire your sneakers and jeans just yet.  You still have some time. You've been hearing it for a while:  your thirties are the new twenties...40s are the new thirties, and … Continue reading The Changing Culture of Adulthood: Why 30 is the new 25. 🙂