How you know you are in a Hipster Habitat

Urban sprawl all over America has given way to urban areas that are broken down into cellular pockets of neighborhoods with varying demographics. One more popular type of urban pocket is the Hipster Habitat.

If you live in or near a major city center then you have likely been in one of these neighborhoods and not known it. Here are some tips for recognizing the Hipster Habitat so you can engage with their denizens accordingly in order to maximize the authenticity of your anthropological experience:

Signifiers and Clues of a Hipster ‘Hood:

1. The bars serve prohibition style cocktails and PBR in 24oz cans (or other suitably unsuitable beers like Schlitz).
2. There are lot of girls who look “french” and have hot tattoos you can’t ask them about.
3. Natives travel by bicycle or longboard.
4. The bartenders hate you.
5. All the restaurants offer a chow chow or kimchi (although this could also indicate a post-hipster approach *BoBo neighborhood)
6. The graffiti is done with stencils or using stickers
7. There is a secret club or music venue that you know about but will never be able to find. Probably in somebody’s basement at their house.
8. Some of the natives smoke parliament lights or American Spirits and everyone smokes weed.
9. There is an over abundance of fedoras
10. Many of the men sport rockin’ handle bar mustaches. These men also likely work as baristas and can tell you what Amaro is.
11. You will likely have a better time there then were you live now.



*BoBo stands for Bourgeois Bohemian. Blog to follow

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