How To Spot A Non-New Yorker

As I leave The city and head back home I am reflecting on the time I spent living here and (with several years since lapsed) how my NYC street survival skills are woefully out of practice.

When spending time hustling around Manhattan it is pretty obvious by observing nuances of behavior who is a native / resident and who is not.

It is highly likely someone is not “from round these parts” if they:

– say “excuse me” when they bump in to someone while walking on a crowded sidewalk
– look up a lot at the big tall buildings
– are carrying a doggie-bag from: TGI Fridays, The Olive Garden, Red Lobster, The Hard Rock Cafe or any other chain restaurant
– wait for the “walk” sign to cross the street
– ask the hot dog vendor what a “knish” is
-are wearing / purchase a fedora
– act shocked or giggle when they see two guys holding hands

I an sure more indicators will surface…but I am half in the bag waiting to get on an airplane home and am at a loss for words while I lament my barely-missed upgrade.

Goodbye until next time, NYC.


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