Marketing That Makes You Go “Hmmm”…

Every now and then (okay more like all the time) as a cultural anthropologist who lives and breathes consumer culture, I run across a product or piece of marketing that makes me stop and think.  Sometimes what I am looking at begs a whole host of questions and I have to spend time pondering and then elaborating on my conclusions…and this is how a blog is born.  😉

Other times, the image is a meme in and of itself, in that it contains a whole host of meaning just upon looking at it and I need not expend the energy: because anyone viewing it (who’s context is even remotely similar to mine) will know where I am coming from immediately.

So, I thought it would be fun to start collecting and storing these images in a single place and going back every six months or so to analyze and elaborate on what consumer products and marketing are telling us about our cultural mindset.

As a start, I have begun a Pinterest board dating back to just a month or so before my first Narcissistic Anthropologist Post:
And In case you don’t do Pinterest, here is some eye candy:

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