“Kids These Days”: A Peek Into James’ Room and His Brain

I found this young blogger this morning, who’s content I am compelled to share

Rather, he found me via yesterday’s blog on workaholism.

I do a lot of work studying youth culture and have found a good deal of pragmatism coming from their observations of their parent’s adult life.

Young adults and teenagers today grew up watching their parents work hard at their jobs to provide security to thier family:  often giving up time with their kids and conversely overscheduling and over-coaching thier kids to perform at their best so they too could get into a good school and have a leg up when they enter the workforce. Then they watched their parents lose thier jobs, mortgages, pensions, etc. when the bubble burst.  And because their parents played disciplinarians they also rebelled by taking on the role of “peer” and allowing their kids to be a part of the adult dialog of family life and adult responsibilities.  So,

The result, is that Millennials now see through the smoke and mirrors of the American dream and are keenly aware of their “American Reality”.

James is an articulate philosopher, anthropologist and cynic. His point of view is striking.  I thought I would share, lest you are one of those “old folks” under the impression that young folks just don’t care.

Like the John Mayer song says, “it’s not that we don’t care, we just know that the fight aint fair. So, we keep on waiting; Waiting for the world to change.” But perhaps if more perspectives like this permeate OUR American reality, then we will start actually doing something to change it.



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