Empowerment Is The New “Green”

One of the macroforces driving change in human culture that I have been particularly interested in and excited about (and driving home to my clients) is Advancements in human insight.

What I mean by this is that humans across the globe (and the government, corporate and non government organizations that have influence) have been recognizing the importance of happiness, health and wellness and creating positive change. This has been driven in large degrees by the simultaneous evolution of communication technology and consequences of globalization and mass urbanization. The fact is that we, as a human populace, have realized how much of a disservice we are doing to our well Wong and future by working too much, eating bad food and generally straining our planet’s resources.

We have, in turn, started empowering ourselves to do and be better! Evidence can be seen in media with TV shows about weight loss (The Biggest Loser) and charity (Secret Millionaire) as well as publications like Ode and Yes! Magazine.

We can also see it in the proliferation of corporate sustainability platforms, Eco-friendly household products and The home gardening and local / organic food trends.

And we are also reminding ourselves to tap into our spiritual and creative sides more. We are realizing that a balance between left and right brain thinking is the only way to move us forward.

It’s also why I write this blog: to advance human understanding by making anthropological ad sociological insights accessible outside of academic and corporate circles .

I hope I’m doing the job right and have enjoyed all the readership engagement of late. Keep in coming back, talking back and passing on the dialogue.

By way of some visual aids here are some photos I’ve snapped recently along my journey that I find affirming and inspiring and indicative of a positive pattern.













6 thoughts on “Empowerment Is The New “Green”

  1. Great read! I think it’s wonderful that society as a whole is moving more toward self empowerment. The fact that we are starting to really pay attention to our surroundings and factor in if the surrounding in question is beneficial or harmful to us is really uplifting.

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