There’s No Vacation From A Commitment

So I am leaving tonight with my wife on our “official” honeymoon to Paris and Barcelona ….one year after the big event.. Because who has the energy or cash to go on a big European vacation after spending all of it on a big damn wedding? Well, maybe some people. But I am, after all, an anthropologist and indeed not a Rock Star.

I am so excited to spend some time reconnecting with my wife and celebrating our commitment after an amazing but incredibly busy first year of marriage.

But then there is the commitment I have made to myself (and ultimately what has grown to be a quite loyal and avid growing group of readers…thanks for that) to write a blog every day for a year. So, like with marriage I would not want to break that commitment.

So I promise to keep up the entries every day and have decided that I would treat everyone (you’re welcome) to an anthropologists eye view of my travels to two major European cultural epicenters. Taking inspiration from my favorite blog this summer (I Took To My Stoop) which you can find in my blog roll, I will be posting frequent photo walks: a series of snapshots of my environment / people over a walk through / to a specific area or neighborhood. The goal would be to provide observations of the “natural habitat” as a reflection of culture but also as data to contribute to cultural analysis.

In this case, I just think it might be fun and enriching to see pictures of these two famous cities that aren’t of tourist traps and the overpriced food at fancy restaurants. 😉

I look forward to the journey and to taking “you” along with me. My wife might not be too thrilled with it but I promised her that everyday I would “make it quick”…the blog, I mean. 😉


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