Barcelona: En Fuego

Last night was our first night in Barcelona: the second half of our trip and from what I can tell by niche número uno it also promises to be the more exciting half.

Don’t get me wrong. Paris is lovely. Rife with fashionable locals and drenched with European culture but most certainly the more bourgeois and tame of the two destinations.

Barcelona, in contrast is a beautiful old city with amazing architecture, abnormally high unemployment and a (connnected, no doubt) huge urban / street level music and art scene….not to mention the nightlife.

We are here during a week of several music festivals, which means our experience will likely over-index in that regard. And i will not be able to help capturing a selection of some of the best street art I can find. This will be a bit more difficult task than in Paris as just about every inch of this city is tagged with graffiti, so the actual art needs to be actively sought out with a finely tuned eye.

In the meantime, I present to you a couple shots of our first night’s experience: from an Asian-fusion dining experience at dos Pallilos to our stroll down La Rambla where we watched some street performers get their break dance on (before la policia broke it up. Finally, a few shots from the mucho caliente and very intimate flamenco performance we encountered at the Harlem Jazz club.












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