Y’all Know What White Folks Like?

If you live in the south and are Caucasian or If you came from a rural setting or blue collar background or just hang out with a healthy amount of salt-of-the-earth peeps, then there are probably a few things that automatically get on your list of stuff you like. You can’t help it. It’s part of your Cultural DNA.

Today’s participant observation-based blog will take a look at that southern-savvy . Here are a few things that fit the cultural sphere of the proud southern tradition:

Pickup Trucks
Tennessee / Alabama and Georgia College football teams
Monster Trucks
Hunting (Deer)
“Hair” Bands (80’s “heavy metal” rock bands)
Boiled Peanuts
Sweet Tea
Chili Cook-offs…

As it so happens, it was Chili Cookoff adventure day for my wife and I. We are on our way home and it will be a long drive home but we will certainly not be short on Gas. 😉

Here are some pictures from the Milller Lite Stone Mountain Chili Cook Off:








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