There Are Two Kinds Of People: Princess Bride People and Everyone Else

Today is the 25th Anniversary of one of my favorite movies: The Princess Bride. It is also on the “thumbs up” list of anyone who is one of my friends. How is that possible? It’s easy. There are two kinds of people that live in the world I like to call home: Princess Bride People and people I wouldn’t want to be friends with.

Why? Because if you don’t love a good rhyming pun, watching Andre The Giant in tights, a lighthearted look at the folly of fairy tales, watching bumbling sword fights or laughing at your own nerdiness in the light of others who have committed it to film then you have no sense of humor and no place in my world.

This is a movie that connects the North American nerds in a way that hits below the Star-Trek radar and allows those who were “liberal arts” majors and have no working knowledge of science or IT to enjoy some intellectual banter.  But the Trekkies can come play too.

So today I celebrate the 14 year-old boy in me and share a link to some of the best Scenes from one of the “best” movies of all time:

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