How To Succeed In Business: Shave Your Head

The results are in! A recent study has officially proven that bald dudes do better in business. It’s true. It’s Science! And you can read about it here:

Apparently, men who have close buzz cuts or no hair at all tend to be more gainfully employed and more likely to be business leaders.
The social context of the male cranium is pretty significant where the corporate ladder is concerned.  Where a bald or closely-cropped  head conjures images of hyper-masculinity like military boot camp and Bruce Willis-style action heroes , thinning hair, comb-overs and male pattern baldness-instigated partial chrome domes signal weakness and George Costanza-style ineffectualness.   Also, shaving it all off with some best straight razor for better effect, makes it harder to tell a man’s age and signifies a “bold move”.  And  to run a company you have to be perceived as fearless!

Now, this is not a study that exists in a vacuum.  Razor sales are up as recognition of this hairless trend has been permeating the LinkedIn set.  Not to mention the scores of reflective leaders:.

The journal sites a few from CEO stock, including:

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Dreamwork’s Jeffrey Katzenberg


General Motor’s Dan Akerson

But lets not forget some other shining examples of of pristine pate’s that have graced our popular culture and showed us that bald is not only beautiful but can also be benevolent, in some cases brilliant and generally bodacious:

Mahatma Ghandi

 Captain Picard


 Mr. Clean

 Mr. Burns

 Vin Diesel

And last but certainly not to be underscored:

Dr. Evil

So go forth and conquer, my bare-scalped brethren.  The world is your oyster, especially corporate America.  Although it helps if you also happen to be white.

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3 thoughts on “How To Succeed In Business: Shave Your Head

  1. But, the disclaimer that states further down in your post, and is visible from the photo collection that this refers to MEN only, is an important on for an Anthroplologist NOT to subvert in the body of the text! Women have sooo much more difficulty in all high-level and male dominated positions/companies in this country, yet today! Sadly, when you are also a young senior, and black woman like me…forgettaboutit!

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