How Do You Rock The Vote? Dress The Part!

It’s that time again.  We are mere weeks away from electing America’s leader for the next four years.   Debates have come and gone, millions have been spent in campaign ads and bumper stickers and Khaki pants and now  it’s down to go-time.

The issues have been batted back and forth:  the economy, foreign policy, health care…blah, blah, blah….

But what is it American’s really look for in a candidate?  Well, according to Anna Akbari at the Sociology of Style there are four basic characteristics that determine electability:

1.  Virility:  is the candidate strong, powerful and “alpha” enough to be commander-in-chief?

2.  Patriotism:  do they bleed love for America?

3.  Relatability:  do they understand the plight of the people and reflect our hardworking American ethos?

4.  (Bi)Partisanship:  are they loyal enough to their party but still able to work across the aisle?

But how does a candidate communicate these qualifications most effectively:  why, by dressing to impress, of course!

Read up on presidential fashion-sense here:

Roll up your sleeves and put on your flag-pins, America.  It’s time for the royal rumble.  May the best dresser win!

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