National Coming Out Day: A Modern American Ritual Rooted In Cultural Conflict

October 11th is National Coming Out Day.  Unlike the Gay Pride marches and festivities you see around the country (typically on the last Sunday in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in New York's Greenwich Village that sparked the gay rights movement), National Coming Out day is a more awareness and empathy oriented commemoration. According … Continue reading National Coming Out Day: A Modern American Ritual Rooted In Cultural Conflict

Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

You are white and work in a "creative" profession. You shop at Urban Outfitters and commute (on occasion) via hybrid road bike. You live in a loft. Your girlfriend / wife is both gorgeous and smart. You prefer to watch World Cup Soccer to professional football or baseball. You read or listen to music more … Continue reading Crossfit, Handstands and Galaga: Metro Male Bonding Rituals

More Sociology of Style: The Bargain Hunting Bug!

It's like a drug:  the thrill of the hunt and adrenaline rush that comes with finding a great bargain on that perfect pair of shoes / jeans that you didn't even know you wanted!  Our American Consumer culture has created this addiction to the deal:  BoGos and Super-Sales and Black Friday's. It's a phenomenon worthy … Continue reading More Sociology of Style: The Bargain Hunting Bug!

An Irrelevant Holiday Celebration: Columbus Day

So I got the day off of work today for Columbus Day. But mostly I think the U.S. office closed because HQ in Toronto is celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving and there would be nobody home. Otherwise, I don't think I have ever worked anywhere that closed to celebrate the 1492 pseudo-hero. Naturally I felt the need … Continue reading An Irrelevant Holiday Celebration: Columbus Day

I like the commentary in this blog regarding how the contents of said bloggers refrigerator depict a bleak portrait of decrepit single-life.

I spent much of the early part of my career as a consumer anthropologist working in the consumer package good space, with endless hours engaged in scrutinizing the contents of different household refrigerators: seeking context for grocery purchase-decision-making behavior.

It’s a habit I still hold on I and have used (in addition to pantry and bathroom drawer / medicine cabinet-audits) as a dating litmus-test as well as to gain a better understanding of my friends / family / etc.

You can learn an awful lot about a person’s socioeconomic status, priorities, habits and lifestyle choices based in their “consumable” artifacts: all organic veggies? Condiments-only? Name brand booze but generic food items?

In often catch myself in the checkout line making up stories about the person in front of me in line based on what’s in their belt.

It makes me wonder what people might think of me. Last grocery order : Cottonelle toilet paper with aloe, organic yogurt, egg whites, coconut ice cream, razors and salt and vinegar pop chips…the analysis please?

Danny Gregory

There’re few things as depressing as a bare fridge. It’s the cliché of the single person you always see in movies: a few moldy Chinese takeout containers, a half-empty jar of mayonnaise, a box of baking soda, a six-pack.

But shopping for one is tricky. These days, I do tend to eat at home and to cook more than I did when I had a teenaged roommate. But I have to be careful not to be too ambitious and to fill my kitchen with stuff I’ll never have time to eat. I hate throwing out stuff that survived past its due date: a head of cauliflower, a half-gallon of milk, some cheddar that’s turning into bleu cheese. Still, I’d rather waste food than face an empty larder.

Whenever I do a drawing in indian and sumi ink, I think of Ben Katchor. For years he did comics in the Daily…

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Vin Diesel: The Man-Brand On My Mind

What do you get when you mix Die-Hard era Bruce Willis with The Rock and sprinkle in a little Jersey-Shore Pauly D - minus the hair grease? Well, minus the hair too, actually. You get Vin Diesel; 21st century American Man-Brand. He is to pop cinema what J Lo is to pop music: a reflection … Continue reading Vin Diesel: The Man-Brand On My Mind

Sociology of Style Redux: “Nerd Chic”

I call it Geek Chic and rock it in earnest (rather than as an ironic statement), but to "big ballers" and those who (apparently) have fashion sense, style rebellion now comes in the form of nerding-it-up. Here is yet another insightful commentary from Anna Akbari at the Sociology of Style:

How To Succeed In Business: Shave Your Head

The results are in! A recent study has officially proven that bald dudes do better in business. It's true. It's Science! And you can read about it here: Apparently, men who have close buzz cuts or no hair at all tend to be more gainfully employed and more likely to be business leaders. The … Continue reading How To Succeed In Business: Shave Your Head

A Maladaptive Moo For Modified Milk

Humans have evolved over time to become allergic to many of the foods we eat. I have allergies to soy and intolerances to lots of yummy fruits and vegetables, for instance. Then there are things like wheat and peanuts and milk that many humans just can stomach. Some attribute this to blood type or environmental … Continue reading A Maladaptive Moo For Modified Milk