Romancing The Senate: When Did The Business Of Government Become About Love?

On CNN today, the “talk back question” was “can Barack Obama romance the republicans?”.
It seems that voters intentionally put our country into a state of gridlock the past couple elections: with a democratic president and a senate dominated by Republicans. And it also seems that our two-party system has created a sandbox with a stone wall in the middle.

Some might say the past four years were plagued by intentional gridlock imposed by republicans to prevent our incumbent president’s reelection by not allowing him to make any progress.
Some say that’s a load of hooey and that the President simply refused to compromise.

So now the metaphor for a re-start is one of romance: how can the president win over the opposition party in the senate. Can they start “dating” again?

At what point do we start taking the emotion and ego out of government and remember that it’s about business, not love? Love fascinates and intoxicates and causes irrational conflict. Business is, in theory, objective and goal oriented.

Lets get goal oriented and get down to the business of getting our country’s economy straight.
This will be my last overtly political blog as I jettison my election-enduced political hangover.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll blog about legalizing doobies.

One thought on “Romancing The Senate: When Did The Business Of Government Become About Love?

  1. I do not see anything but gridlock ahead. It’s easy to say Republicans and Democrats should work together but they won’t. I do expect them to work together to pass some form of the tax cuts before the new year. People are going to be upset enough about their smaller paychecks due to Obamacare. If the tax cuts are not re-upped you are going to hear screams from Americans of all political persuasions. Thanks for the link.

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