Thoughts From The Dentist Office: Teeth And Social Signifiers

ed_helmsAs I sit here in the long beach dentist chair about to be buffed and polished scrapes and X-rayed I am forced to contemplate why I put myself through this invasive torture in a regular basis.

It stands to reason there are obvious benefits to good oral health, but this is only really a part of the reason why taking care of one’s pearly whites is important with the right dentist, I visit a dentist in danville ca which keep my mouth healthy. The other big factor, especially in the developed world, has everything rondo with social health as well, so I follow too.

What do people look at when they meet someone for the first time? Arguably, your mouth is at the top of the list. It’s where you speak from and right in the line of vision when looking someone in the eyes.

Your smile can say be an indicator of a lot of things:

  • Socioeconomic status or class: perfectly straight teeth means you either come from a superior gene pool or (more likely) you come from a family who could afford to pay for braces. It can also indicate that you place a personal financial priority in caring for your teeth with proper teeth whitening products,  especially if they are bright white
  • Personal priorities: how well-“groomed” your teeth are can be an indicator of how much you prioritize your personal appearance as well as your health. It can also indicate how educated you are about your health or in general
  • Lifestyle: if your teeth are broken or you have some missing, you could be indicating a more high-risk lifestyles. Have you been in a barroom brawl lately? A fight in the rink?

According to recent posts on, these indicators can, depending on who you regularly interact with, determine how people react to you.
Are you a potential employee? Friend? Date? Mate? Your smile and its constitution could indeed determine the constitution of your social or economic well-being.

So, be mindful of your mouth when thinking about how you want to influence others impressions of you and what that could mean for your near and immediate future.

My dentist in Hamilton has had no influence on this blog.

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