I may have written this two years ago but it is remarkably still quite relevant…

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Was just listening to a talking head on CNN telling us all that the recession is over! Wonderful!  But is it true? All the same, it reminded me of this POV i wrote about a year ago that is still relevant…and New to the WordPress readers:
Times are tough, and while many-a-consumer will agree that our government and the increasingly-entitled American corporate and industrial complex played no small part in getting us there, the average citizen seems to be putting a humbling lens of onus on themselves as well.
Consumers have not been short on their opinions and desire for a verbal hash-out on the topic of the economy . I have been in field on a couple of different projects related to polar opposite topics where my ethnography and qualitative research subjects have waxed pissed-off. They are not so much mad at “the man” any more than they are…

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