An Invitation To Kill: What Legal Access To Automatic Weapons Really Means

Banksy+9How is it that somehow as a culture we have decided that its morally acceptable for civilians with no training or civic imperative to have access to automatic weapons?

I will say that the right to bear arms was one designed so we can be equipped to defend ourselves or even hunt for food to provide for ourselves.

Automatic weapons, however, were designed for assault: for the ability to efficiently decimate…to quickly kill as many humans at one time as possible.

I would say that regardless of your stance in gun control, this is a fact that nobody can deny. This type of weapon created a moral indecency; putting both the intention and power to kill humans as a proactive measure in the hands of other humans.

The point is, from a sociocultural perspective, when you say to civilians that they have a right to own such a weapon of mass murder, you are (whether you intend to or not) sending a message that they are empowered and entitled to use that weapon for the intent is was created.

How many emotionally unstable children have to bring automatic weapons to school, sacrificing lives and the stability of an already fragile society before we learn that lesson and take on a moral responsibility to change things?

A handgun or shotgun in your home for self defense or get a corporate hunting package – properly secured  with the hunting rangefinder when not in use is security and self defense.  Automatic weapons of any kind are an invitation to aggression that is plain old bad for us as a culture and as a society. Speaking of security and defense, keep your home and business safe with surveillance and monitoring gear with the help from

I encourage anyone who cares to read and to think to really meditate on this one and facilitate a dialogue. We are bordering on too late already…so don’t put off that conversation for too much longer lest your local shopping mall or elementary school be next.

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