Get Your Christmas Style On! Sociology Of Style 5 Outfits Of Christmas

It’s not necessarily a day of rest:  it’ Christmas!  On Christmas day most of us don’t lay around in one place all day.  There are family visits, Church and all kinds of stops in between.  Good thing the folks over at Sociology of Style have thought of everything to get us through!

The 5 Outfits of Christmas (and Some Holiday Tech Tips)

1950s xmas Paulette Goddard

Family, gifts, religion, a day off from work — regardless of the personal significance and symbolism of this day for you, two things are certain:  1) you need to wear something, and 2) you’ll be carrying your phone.  Here are 5 likely scenarios and a quick guide to help you get dressed and enhance your day with technology.

1. Going to church

going to churchStyle tips:

  • Outfits should be modest and not too revealing. Need some inspiration? Check out these 4 looks that are stylish and appropriate for church.
  • Jackets and blazers are on trend this season, and chances are you have a blazer in your closet that can be updated and revived (find out how here)

Tech complement: Not religious? Or just want to reflect quietly on your own? Wear whatever helps you relax and download Simply Being, a guided meditation app that walks you through a meditation practice of your desired duration, with or without music.

2. Family dinner

sequin sweaterStyle tips:

  • It’s your family, so be comfortable, be festive, and have fun with your outfit. (Warning: don’t wear your favorite and/or most expensive shirt; spills happen.)
  • Rock some sparkle with a sequin sweater (but keep it casual with jeans or corduroys). Find more fun glittery stuff to brighten a dull winter here.

Tech complement: Want to set just the right mood, but don’t have time to play DJ? Throw on one of these Spotify Christmas playlists and enjoy the compliments on your exemplary musical tastes.

3. Playing in the Snow

snow suitStyle tips:

  • Realistically, not everyone (over the age of 10) has a fabulous snow suit at their disposal, not to mention the good ones are usually far too expensive to just casually pick up at the store. This holiday season, wear a cute beanie and some stylishly practical mittens, and improvise the rest with waterproof technical gear and layers of fleece.
  • Splurge on that snow suit next year.

Tech complement: Heading to the slopes? Download the North Face app to get site-specific snow conditions, weather forecasts, full trail maps, and post your action shots to Facebook.

4. Holiday Party

holiday dressStyle tips:

  • Transform what’s already in your wardrobe into a festive outfit.  Wear your go-to black dress and spice it up with some costume jewelry or sparkly hosiery.
  • Keep it subtle and classy with a solid dark green or oxblood dress and give a modern twist to the classic red and kelly green Christmas colors.

Tech complement: Don’t have any parties to attend?  Find some local happenings to fit your mood with Gemster — or organize your own impromptu gathering using just your mobile phone with GiddyUp.

5. For those of you not partaking in Christmas festivities, and for whom this day is like every other day of the year…

pajamasStyle tips: Pretty much anything in your closet will suffice. Go ahead and embrace the “I don’t have to be anywhere” theme and stay in your pajamas.
Tech complement: Give yourself the gift of disconnecting from technology today.  Spend your time volunteering at your local Salvation Army or wander around your neighborhood looking at holiday lights (here’s some help for interpreting what those decorations say about your neighbors). Find more unplugging inspiration here.

For this and more from the Sociology of style, head here:

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