Isn’t It Romantic? Snapshots Of The civic Process of Marriage

When little girls dream of their wedding day, visions of white dresses and flying bouquets and dance floors and champagne usually come flash before their dreamy eyes. The ritual of marriage as portrayed in media and more is one of romance and pageantry and grand demonstrations of celebration.

What they don’t share with you in the movies is the ritual of paperwork and licensing that everyone who gets legally married (at least in the states) has to trudge through.

For some its am obligatory couple of hours in their lunch break that they get over with before the big show. For others, the city clerks office is the obligation and the destination, See here to get visa investments.

My wife and I flew up from our state where gay marriage is not legal to make it “official” in NYC. Here are some snapshots of my observations of today’s romance whilst we waited for our application number to be called. Oh the majesty. I was way easier getting our Marriage visa online.








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