I love this reluctant anthropologist's (a photographer with a relentless commitment to observing and sharing human culture) blog. Here is another trip to the Omo valley I think you will all love....

From on the Ground in The ATL: Sociology Of Style “Bustin’ a Sag”

  Do you ever wonder where some of the best of the worst style fads come from?  Good thing we have my friend Eve Kerrigan at the Sociology of style here to 'splain what's up.   Check out this style sociology lesson and more: The Low Down: When An Unlikely Fad Becomes Unshakable Fashion Etiquette Pull_Up_Your_Pants … Continue reading From on the Ground in The ATL: Sociology Of Style “Bustin’ a Sag”

Remembering “Dear Abby” Pushing The Social Envelope as a Defining Part Of America’s Context

Last week we lost a cultural Icon:  Pauline Friedman Philips - otherwise known as Abigail VanBuren or "Dear Abby".  In the pre-therapy era where we didn't have an internet to go to for advice from our social networks or blogs or a lineup of daytime chat shows to share "The View" of how to handle … Continue reading Remembering “Dear Abby” Pushing The Social Envelope as a Defining Part Of America’s Context

Office Acculturation 108: Business Travel Rituals and Protocol

Part of the glamorous life of many corporate professionals is the business trip - pulling on your traveling pants and heading to client meetings, conferences, focus groups and other such adventures.  It's a life that young professionals aspire to and get tired of by the time they are in their late twenties.  Many people envision … Continue reading Office Acculturation 108: Business Travel Rituals and Protocol

The “Luxury” of Heritage

In studying consumer culture I spend a good amount of time attempting to understand the context of a lot of different niches and tiers of goods. Over the years and in some more recent work, the luxury space has been a focus.  In trying to decode the semiotics of luxury, I've had many conversations with … Continue reading The “Luxury” of Heritage

A really interesting introspective perspective from a “White” mom on teaching about White privilege in schools….

White Mom Blog

The other day, I came across a tweet about a Wisconsin school being investigated for teaching white privilege. Apparently, a parent at this particular school became very upset after reading the content of a course her son was taking titled “American Diversity.” The mother felt the curriculum was being used to teach white students that they are racist and oppressive. She also felt the lesson on white privilege made her son feel unearned guilt for being white.

I can’t speak to how the material was presented or what the exact lesson plans were, but my takeaway is simple: kids aren’t the only ones who need these lesson—adults do, too.

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Why You Should Be Offended By Bad Marketing

Have you ever seen a commercial or some other marketing stunt that was so bad you questioned what moron thought of that and thought it was okay?  Did you even, perhaps, get a little bit offended?  Well good - you should be offended by bad marketing. "Why should I be offended by bad marketing" you … Continue reading Why You Should Be Offended By Bad Marketing

Are Millennials stuck in an entertainment-choice rut because of their stunted growth? I wouldn’t dare say so, but lets see what one “so-called Millennial” thinks….

So-Called Millennial

We all have slips of judgement, and poor taste at times when it comes to our entertainment choices. I tease my husband for watching reruns of He-Man, but not as much as he teases me for watching Days of Our Lives. Not many people my age can say they have been watching Days for 21 years (I’m only 28). It’s not something to brag about, but still true. I take the ups and downs of the people of Salem with a grain of salt. The events twist and turn in a way that’s entertaining, but doesn’t challenge me to think on a deeper level. That is the point.

In the article The novel America needs in 2013 (CNN News) by author Mark Bauerlein, he points the embarrassing entertainment choices of Millennials. He blames the the poor entertainment choices on the stalled adulthood of Millennials:

“Adolescence used to be…

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Our Shared Culture of Stress

I'm having a particularly stressful day today.  One of the first of the new year.  Not necessarily an entirely woeful situation but I am definitely feeling it and actively figuring out ways to alleviate the situation.  Interestingly enough (and also something most of you will empathize with), in dealing with that stress I am not … Continue reading Our Shared Culture of Stress

And now for a portrait of some folks who’s live on the opposite end of the Narcissistic spectrum…..


“Steeping into the muddy shiphub my eyes stumble on barefooted children playing ‘Akka Dokka’. By following their queries giggles I smiled to the little-girl next to me asking ‘What to your father do’?  With a wide smile showing her recently missing baby teeth’s, she whispered ‘My father builds big big ships’. The place is familiar to me so as these children but I rejoice these moments every day when I jump from my boat and my day start with ‘big big ships’.  I walk towards to Ship Creators, to the people that the world knows little about. Step to them, who are building ships on a daily basis with their expertise, power, energy and who dream to make something big, bigger than their life, bigger than their identity, bigger than their credits without much expectation. ”


ships making (10)

ships making (26)

ships making (15)

ships making (5)

In the shipyard every worker is full of activity, no one…

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