Authentic Travel

An interesting discussion about the nature of travel (albeit driven by youthful cynicism). I agree that communication technology advances has created a culture of documentation whereby we feel the need to capture and share every moment to the detriment of actually experiencing our travel moments. I also agree that we get into “ego wars” about going to places that are undiscovered or not falling prey to experiences that are too “touristy”. But, I believe that there are still the purist travelers who go to see what they will discover…and that sharing moments isn’t the worst thing you could do as long as you are also reveling in them.

Personally, I like to mix up my travel experiences: there are those destnations designed for relaxation or to “get away” and those designed to experience local culture, if culture is what you’re looking for, then book one of these Flights to Cape Town to start your journey. And touristy or not, visiting the landmarks that put a place on the map can be an awe inspiring experience all the same, even if you have seen it on the internet, in TV or Movies a zillion times…
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