Calling All Millennials: Do I Have You Pegged?


I frequently get called on to talk to clients and help them understand this “elusive” generation of teens and young adults we call “Millennials” or “Gen Y”.

This generation is in an interesting stage of evolution: some are in still in high school while the oldest are approaching their mid thirties and general this group of “young folks” spans several life stages.

In some recent work I have done some “distilling” of high level insights about Millennials based on years of observation, structured study and general empirical data collection.   What I want to know from the “so-called Millennials” (totally stolen from one of my new favorite blogs) is how well these insights really capture your reality?

While I understand that every individual has different circumstances and not everyone can relate, I would love to get some thoughts from “actual” Millennials (even though I am not too far removed age-wise) on how they are being represented in the social science / marketing space.

So here are some snippets from some recent work.  Definitely let me know what you think. I am receptive to all constructive criticism and builds but please do not throw rotten fruit:

Millennials have come of age in a world in flux (terrorism, war, collapse of financial institutions, etc), which has affected both their economic outlook as well as lifestyle priorities.  They are carreer focused but mindful of the need to be self-sufficient and entrepreneurial. They want to live a balanced life whereby their career feeds passions and matches their ideals in addition to providing income.

Millennials attitudes and values have evolved with the times(in comparison to the youth of “yesterday”) to be focused on managing a balance between individual success and forwarding the cause of the collective

  • Fairness and happiness of others is a top of mind concern
  • They are aware of and self conscious about economic polarization
  • Diversity is a “non issue” in that it is a part of their world and expected
  • Females are advancing their education and employment prospects even faster than males (higher rates of college graduation among female Millennials)

Millennials are committed to staying connected to others and   to the world around them

•Technology and social media are central to their lifestyle and connecting to others
•Travel is  a core lifestyle priority that will enable them to see and experience both their world (domestically) and the world at large

Millennials don’t see themselves as dramatically different or opposed to the ideas  of previous generations – but rather take heed of wisdom and lessons learned and seek to be different by behaving “better”

•Have close relationships with their parents
•They share a lot of values with older generations
This is just a “taste” of some of the high level ideas and ideals I talk about with clients and other folks in the industry I work in.  It is absolutely not all encompassing but I hope the point of view is at least somewhat on point.
So, hit me with your best shot, Millennials!
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4 thoughts on “Calling All Millennials: Do I Have You Pegged?

  1. So, i was informed by a social scientist in New Zealand that my use of the term “pegged’ might be taken out of context. So I will start by saying “sorry” and follow up with “get your mind of the gutter”. 😉

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