Variations On A Meme: Marriage Equality Enthusiasm

Not to belabor the point on marriage equality, but I am always a fan of meme-watching…especially when you start seeing all the “hacking” that goes into personalizing a meme to make it more meaningful….and even borrowing from other memes to do so.

In the case of the marriage equality debate that is happening in the supreme court right now, I have seen (along with anyone else who has internet access) the emergence of the red HRC Equality symbol as a show of solidarity….mostly as people’s Facebook profile pictures.  Just this morning I started noticing some variation as different subgroups and even brands seek to identify their support or further signify their unique perspective.

From nostalgia buffs, to sci-fi geeks to drag queens and bacon-loving-foodie-hipsters, there is widespread equality love out there and everyone wants to be heard! Even some brands are speaking out.

Here are some examples:

It’s good to see people bringing levity to such a serious issue.  But I suppose humor has always been one of those things that reminds us to stay focused without sapping our energy – so we can live through life’s challenges and continue the conversation.

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