An Homage To Alternative Points of View: An Exercise in Objectivity

blog-suckThis one is for all the bloggers.

I don’t know why we all choose the blog as an outlet. For some people, it’s a away to feel like you are being heard – if even only by your friends and family and anonymous strangers – in a world where it seems like you just can’t shout loud enough the rise above the noise. For others, it’s like having a diary that you let strangers ready but still seems private because the veil of the internet between you and your readers keeps you at more than arm’s length from judgement. For others like me, it’s a way to practice your writing skills and to send a message that you feel is important (no matter how important others think it is).

According to Diane Walder, MD, whether you are a narcissist or not(and let’s face it, most bloggers are or they wouldn’t be doing it), a heavily ego-involved activity. You can’t help but get your feelings hurt if somebody doesn’t like what you wrote or appreciate your point of view. But you have to grow a thick skin or you’ll never put yourself out there. The world – even the “virtual” one, can be a scary place.

So, when I started this blog, I had to mentally prepare myself for the fact that, even though I may feel like I have a valid point, informed point of view or finely-tuned skill – others might not always agree with me. I needed to commit, from a scientific perspective, to allowing for objective data collection via the comment forum. I’m not just writing to put my point of view out there. Rather, I am often relaying an observation or putting something out there from one very specific perspective with the intent (and hope) of getting people engaged enough that they will respond with their own perspectives. From a social scientist’s point of view, more perspectives = more data. And I am always collecting data.

Given that imperative, I decided that no matter what, unless it was blatantly SPAM, I would always approve all comments, no matter how much I disagree with them, find them to be confrontational or just idiotic. Fortunately, the last on that list is few and far between.

That being said, after receiving a particularly “divergent”comment today on a blog I wrote months ago (see the first one below), I decided to dedicate today’s blog to “alternatives” and post some of the comments that got me in my gut a little – or a lot. All in the name of science and objectivity and the attempt to collect even more data.

So, Here are some of the best of the not so favorable comments on my blog since I started posting every day, 312 days ago:


From “Anonymous” at on “Some of My Best Friends are White People”

“Yeah, I’m really excited. We are going to be a minority! It’ll be just like being Bengali in Pakistan. It’s a good thing all the other “races” of the world are so much nicer to each other than “whites” are to “non-whites.” This is the best solution ever. You are the smartest anthropologist ever. I bet you must be rich. Or “non-white,” including the strong possibility of being a member of the jewish cult.

‘ “It would stand to reason that white folks in America should be able to take one on the chin every now and then given our American history of bigotry, oppression and otherwise mistreating minorities and non-white natives. ” ‘


But don’t worry. Once whites lose all their political power — and this has already basically happened–, I’m sure their replacements will be much better. It is something intrinsic about white human nature that they oppress others when they have more power.

Who will take the lead? It seems like it will be a jewish financial elite and an Asian technocratic elite. Well, ok. That’s great. jews have never harmed anyone. Their entire history, including the present, they have been at the forefront of human rights. I mean, have you ever heard a serious critic of their policies?

And Asians? Wow, these are the gentlest people on planet Earth. For example, did you know that Brahmin Indians are divinely superior to the Shudra? But they are so mericful that they had happily enslaved those people for 2k years before European discovery. Or what about the “Han?” When have the Chinese ever oppressed anyone? I’ve actually known a lot of Chinese people, and they have all loved white people like their own brothers. In almost every case, at least half of every Han’s friends is white.

Are you really that stupid? You make me physically sick. And I bet you won’t even bother to post this because you are a jewish pseudoacademic who is conducting information warefare against the Western world. Quit your job today.”

From Ana on “Are We What We Watch? TV Content as a Reflection of American Culture”

“And there is great value in showing the world that it’s okay to take a hard look at yourself. ”
I’m Brazilian and this is not what we are witnessing. No, it is not.
We are deeply concerned with America.

From Fireandair on “Why Can’t We Stay Out of Jodie Foster’s Closet? A Perspective on Celebrity as a Fetish” :

“I just wish some of the puking infants who are whining about her had any awareness AT ALL — and they appear not to — that some crazy dude once shot at a president to impress her. Do all of you baby “activist” fags and dykes walking around with your oppressed noses in the air even remember that? (Yeah, I’m queer too, so STFU, I get to say that.) Do any of you have any idea how a sane, well-balanced person will react to finding out that some murderous looney-bin tried to off a bunch of people violently because was obsessed with your life? GMAFB, people.

I cannot believe that out of all of the people who have felt obligated to have some sort of Social Opinion™ on this, damned few of them were even alive when that happened and NONE of them seem to recall it or think that it might have had an impact in how firmly Foster would like to slam the door on the toes of anyone who tries to stick themselves where they don’t belong.

Foster’s life and choices are HERS. Being an actor doesn’t mean losing all right to shut the door. Thinking otherwise is rape logic. Bitch opened the door for that other person one time, so she’s got no right to shut it on me.

Oh yes she does. Whenever she wants, and for any reason at all. Shut up and get on with your lives, all of you.”

From artmoscow on “Why Can’t We Stay Out of Jodie Foster’s Closet? A Perspective on Celebrity as a Fetish” :

“Flag waving is OK. But asking non-rhetorical questions and leaving them unaswered is not what anthropologists do. I don’t know if you allow comments that do not support your opinion, but I would be happy if it was just you who read it, for I am interested to learn more of what you think on a different perspective.

People form emotional bonds to celebs (just like they do to brands, which are NOT about benefits only), and that’s why people are interested in things/people to which they are emotionally bound. I am not bound emotionally to JF. I don’t care about her coming-out. But I will be interested to learn more about some other actors. People are also interested in celebs because media makes glamour the god and icon. For some, celebs and their lifestyle is a fairytale, to which ordinary folks aspire and which they envy. FOr some, whose life shows no signs of super success, it is important to know bad things about celebs that would prove the latter achieved their status via means far from honest effort and talent. It is not people’s fault that they are interested in celebs, and it is beyond their powers to control this interest. You can ask them not to as much as you like, but if you want to really change it, talk to Ms Foster first.

I’ve made myself watch this video. It is a well-rehearsed and relatively well acted promotion, and Ms Foster played the worldwide audience as a chess champion plays a game against a 10-year old. I can’t believe you’ve bought into this performance! )

PS I can’t press the Like button, but were there a Respect one, I’d push it )”

From Mind of Andy on “Why?” (My “About Page)

“I might have a few useful keywords about american culture here:
& and cheesy movies!
I hope it’s not too negative, though all of them seem true to me. :)


5 thoughts on “An Homage To Alternative Points of View: An Exercise in Objectivity

  1. I adopted the position years ago, that when giving a paper or publishing an article, 1/3 agreed with what I have to say, 1/3 disagree, and 1/3 never got past the abstract or first Power Point slide. I write cause I like to preach and I want feedback cause I know that a lot of my preaching is pretty obtuse or off the wall. I really enjoy folks who critique and make me think.

    I also appreciate that I have never censored except for obvious spam. You have a much more interesting collection of comments than my blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing this.

    In my understanding, as it is on my blog to express the ‘HOW’:
    ‘Every piece of writing (article, essay, note) is just a fragment of the whole. In other words – reflections from where I’m standing, that may appear completely distinct from where you are.’

    Each of us sees the same picture from a distinctive angle and through different glasses, that may be tinted by colours or thick and dirty. To me, the continuous attempt trying to put into words what we understand from the world is considered as a noble effort, without which no one could define their own parameters, if we had no ‘other’ to relate to.

    And although I agree with the appreciation of different perspectives, I stated explicitly that both positive and negative critique are welcome, so long as they are reflective. It’s okay to introduce your own ideas, but at the same time drawing connections with the posted content would be important to have a common ground.

    Regarding the the title of the post – I would argue whether it is ‘an exercise in objectivity’. I’m rather sceptical about ‘objectivity’. It is possible to share our fragmented view by various means, and certainly is possible to understand what the other says, however our own perspectives may shrink or expand over time, but still stay ours. Thus, remains subjective.

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