Lessons From the Dog Park

It’s one of the first Scottsdale dog training days and a lazy Sunday so I thought a trip to the Dog Park was in order. And yes I do have a dog. 😉

As I observed the menagerie of mutts socializing I couldn’t help but turn on my anthropologist…err…dogthropoloist?

In any case, here is a little bit of insight I gleaned from my observation:

1. The smell of one’s nether-regions is a good indicator of character.

2. If you are going to sniff everyone it’s only polite to let them sniff you back.

3. It’s okay if you want to be dominant. But if you want to be friends and get asked to play then you have to be willing to be submissive sometimes as well.

4. You should share your water bowl and assume you are welcome to the other water bowls as well.

5. If you spend the whole time trying to mark your territory you miss out on all the fun.

6. You don’t always have to have a reason to run around in circles and go a little crazy.

7. Presume everyone is your friend until they growl at you and prove otherwise.

8. It’s not rude to sit by yourself and take a break to catch your breath.

9. The most aggressive ones are the ones on leashes and they scare others away. Once they are free to run around they make friends with little effort.

10. If you roll in the mud you will get yelled at and have to take an extra long bath but it’s totally worth it!


3 thoughts on “Lessons From the Dog Park

  1. This is great. I was fostering a dog for awhile and I loved going to the dog park. It’s funny because just like you were observing dogs and their interactions this weekend I found myself doing the same thing with the kids I was babysitting. It’s funny how the simplest of minds can demonstrate great character and life lessons we should all follow.

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