The Irony of Hipster Media


It seems that the irony of irony-loving hipster culture is the media that caters to it: accepting a fate of perpetual self-deprecation and tongue-in-cheek consumption.

Hipsters might not call themselves by name in public or amongst friends – and may even in some cases deny their hipster-ness.  But for the most part, they are a self-aware breed who have become a delightful demographic.  My favorite is what I like to call the “FUBU” hipster content…the stuff by hipsters, for hipsters – created lovingly while the irony slowly eats away at their insides.  😉

Here is some example content: – it’s “so meta”

Hipster Ipsum – dummy copy text for hipster creative professionals

and, most lovingly, this ethnographic definition of hipsters on

But finally, if you don’t click any of the links above, watch this:


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