Having A Blurry Period Of Your Blogging Adventure?

This one is for the bloggers. I’m a fan of Andy – wise beyond his years – and can relate to the rutt…especially being 351 days into a 365-days-of-daily-posting commitment (i made to myself). There are definitely times where it is hard to get motivated and you wonder why you are dong it.
For me, blogging is about practicing my writing skills, documenting ethnographic observations and sharing human and cultural insights that I think are valuable. Knowing people are actually reading and getting value out of it is all I care about for now – but I am definitely excited about seeing what the patterns are in my “data” collection and seeing if there is a worthwhile “Blook” (Blog Book…I just made that up). in there. 😉 Cheers and happy blogging!

Mind of Andy

This is for all you fellow bloggers out there who are currently experiencing a dark or blurred period of your blogging life.

I too am somewhere in the middle (is it like a weather forecast?) of that experience, and it’s an awful thing… at least so it seems. It’s like this huge block of shadow is covering your connection to the thinking part of the brain, isn’t it? Sometimes you get a glimpse of an idea behind this shadow, but then it’s gone almost just as quickly – hiding behind it. That’s what I visualize nevertheless.

Now I just may have a “solution” for both you and me:

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