This Is Water

I think this is a great video / speech.  Not just because of it’s practical messages to young adults entering the American work force, but for it’s art at articulating the truth and consequences of our choices as we participate in American consumer culture as adults.  Because the truth of the matter is we all tend to get somewhat self centered as we get caught up in the day-to-day routine of our commercially-driven existence.   So, as my friend said when she posted it on facebook:  “choose to watch this video” and click on the “This is Water” link below….

This Is Water.

One thought on “This Is Water

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    It’s commencement season! Grads take a look this video that shows the reality of joining the real world. Wow, just a few years ago I remember this transition very clearly and the opening few minutes of this video ring true. But take heart, the message reminds us to make sure to prioritize your attention to the right things- namely, anything but yourself. Even if you’re not a recent grad, or even twentysomething this is a great video that’s worth a few minutes of you time.

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